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love it

I’m glad that I found this podcast. Very good information and definitely taught me a lot .Well wishing keep going !




This podcast is 🔥🔥🔥! I love how authentic and transparent they are. I love the voices and their amazing personalities. Being a newer brand, Nicky and Moose help to give their listeners practical tools and strategies to get to the next level. The time is now to #level up! With this podcast, they help you to self reflect on your tendencies to improve yourself

100% Gems!!

Been listening these two since they started up on Facebook and the way they breakdown different people and dissect the business aspects that you can take and use in your own world is amazing. The differing dynamics between Nicky & Moose bring a refreshing insight to their unique view points around the topic at hand. And the way they articulate that makes it such an entertaining way for the consumer to digest the information so they can apply those same winning techniques. Tap in, you won’t be sorry you did!

Another Week Of Flames

Another great week!! This content is rich!!!!!

The Best to Ever Do It

What kind of podcast is this, where you can get personal development strategies/insights, branding and content creation tips in one setting. Nicky and Moose are my favorite dynamic duo. I can’t wait to see them on their show and now I can take their everywhere with me via the podcast.

The Dynamic Duo

Be it branding or using the D. I. S. C. Assessment to level up in any or every area of life, Nicky and Moose CONSISTENTLY give simple, easy, and practical steps to follow that anyone implement into their lives to improve and grow. From this podcast to YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, it’s worth life’s most precious commodity - time.

What’s Poppin?

Nicky & Moose, love the content love your energy. Congrats!! I am a fan. I wish you much much continued success. Keep it coming. BTW I think Floyd is primarily a flight attendant but the pilot is not far behind. Proud of y’all! Let’s go 100 Coach Rice

Gang Gang Gang!

Nicky and Moose give the best experienced based information to grow and brand your business. Breaking the greats down by their personality and asking the audience where they see themselves. They want you to win and giving you the blueprint to win in business. Love their vibe and glad to be apart of they tribe! #podcastgang

The Best

Hands down best content. Build your business build your brand, they are sharing all the great ideas to get ahead.

Thinking cap

I love I have to put on my thinking cap. The knowledge y’all share always make me go hmmmmm. Think more outside the box and beyond the grey area.

Extreme value

Nicky & Moose always come with the game changing content. Their perspectives and insight are super helpful. Listening to them has brought tremendous value to my brand and creative mindset. Thank you both! Keep going 🚀


Everyone will now get to experience what this outstanding duo is capable of. The ability that they have to analyze something current and make it both relevant and resonate with the listeners is AMAZING!!!

Straight Gemz 💎

This podcast came out with the heat and is gonna blow up the podcast word flame. The Nicky and Moose breakdowns are like no other and you want to subscribe to this! 💯💯

The Best Duo

This podcast has been one I’ve been waiting for and it didn’t disappoint. It’s only the beginning and it’s hitting the charts like 🔥🔥🔥.

Next Level Nuggets!

Constantly dropping fire nuggets! One of my favorite podcasts!

Goats 🐐

Great information too building a brand and really great information on self assigning!

BEEN waiting on this!

Finalllllyyy! So much great information and gems. I love this duo. Excited about this 🔥💥

Dropping Gems

I love the gems that you all drop. It truly priceless. I’m learned so much from you two.


This podcast is everything! Educational AND entertaining! Insightful AND inspiring! For the introvert, extrovert and even us ambiverts! Listen and learn!


If you aren’t ready to take yourself, your business & content to the next level keep it movin! It’s always gems & great conversation with these two, cant wait to see what you guys do with the the podcast! Congratulations!

Refreshing real world dialogue

These are people of character which is important to me so I know they practice what they “preach.” Looking into the “why” of what people are all about is a great concept. Ever since taking the assessment test, understanding what drives people completely changed my perspective on the impact others have in this world. It showed how I add value to others and how others can fill in the gaps in my life that I’m lacking in.

Content is king

Love how Nicky and Moose always bring the fire weekly with their successful personal brand and mindset discussions🔥💪🏽😤


I’m telling you, if you want some good content and some real GAME... You need to TAP IN ASAP!!

From Colorado

Love the content. Keep helping people succeed.

Yeah y’all got one

This podcast is just unique. It’s very rare that you look at celebrities in a business and branding light. It’s even more rare that you get clarity on certain principles or blueprints to apply to your own business or brand. Love this!!!

Come thru Nicky & Moose

This is going to be a whole nother level to hear something now seeing it come to fruition. Give America what yall been giving us ayee its lit.

Mind Blowing Content 🤯

I know these two personally. Please audience get ready for content that will blow your mind and take your personal, professional or business brands to the next level. This podcast is literally a dream come true for those seeking to not only build your brand, but also tap into your skills/gift set.

About Time!

Love it, I’ve been yelling at Mostafa this whole time that this should’ve been the move. Excited to hear this in pod form. Good luck & stay dedicated. You guys are made for this