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Yeah y’all got one

This podcast is just unique. It’s very rare that you look at celebrities in a business and branding light. It’s even more rare that you get clarity on certain principles or blueprints to apply to your own business or brand. Love this!!!

Come thru Nicky & Moose

This is going to be a whole nother level to hear something now seeing it come to fruition. Give America what yall been giving us ayee its lit.

Mind Blowing Content 🤯

I know these two personally. Please audience get ready for content that will blow your mind and take your personal, professional or business brands to the next level. This podcast is literally a dream come true for those seeking to not only build your brand, but also tap into your skills/gift set.

About Time!

Love it, I’ve been yelling at Mostafa this whole time that this should’ve been the move. Excited to hear this in pod form. Good luck & stay dedicated. You guys are made for this



Yayyyyy Podcast!!

I am here for this and you Nicky!!!!! The gems you drop make an ig scroll worthwhile. So excited you are deciding to Broaden your platforms!!

You know what time it is!

Nicky is constantly going to the next level. Dominating IG, then adding FB, recently adding YouTube, and now Podcast. She is a consistent beast! And Moose always dropping knowledge with his cool, calm demeanor. Congrats to you both!!

Thank you!

I’m so excited to be able to listen in on the drive home. Nicky & Moose are Gurus, “It’s about to go down!” No more excuses only EXECUTION from here out 💪🏼

I already know this podcast about to be fire!

I haven’t listened to a podcast just yet, but going through brand prep and following both moose and Nicky on social media has been beneficial to my brand. So again I say, I already know this podcast is about to be fire! Good luck to the both of you on this new venture! Tamara

Excited for more!!

I’m up for the ride and can’t wait to hear more from you two!

The Evolution of Nicky and Moose💪🏾

From the IG Lives to the Facebook lives to the Podcasts. LET’S GOOOOO!!! @thisisnickys and @mostafa_ghonim Now I can listen while I work!! All Gas NO BRAKES!!!!

Best in the business

Nicky & Moose are not only knowledgeable, but the speak to every person at every level of a branding or entrepreneurial journey. They may not be the first to discuss branding, but they are definitely amongst the best. From breakdowns of mental blocks to real life tactical suggestions, this podcast is sure to give you exactly what you need as you move along the journey to building your brand!


Been waiting for this !!! Already a phenomenal listen

Breaking down Brands and Businesses in simple terms

Their breakdown and review of brands and businesses in simple, relatable terms minus all the business jargon appeals to everyone at any level.

Great Launch

What up Nicky and Moose! I love the new podcast. I will definitely be tuning in regularly. @NE3Music.. Sinceray Jackson


Yo this podcast drops heat & all kinds of mental gems! I love it!

The Floyd Mayweather Breakdown

Nicky and Moose are the truth! Love your flight assessment!! Love everything you guys put out!!

Branding Experts!!

I watch the Nicky and Moose show on FB live and get gems for days!! I know this podcast already gonna be fire from the trailer alone!! Praise God for inspiring people to help others!

What’s poppin what’s poppin what’s poppin?

I’m super excited about this podcast. I’ve been receiving great benefit from the live shows on Facebook... but A PODCAST is even better. I am a fan of both Nicky and Moose because they are sooo relatable and they do a great job of highlighting the clues that success leaves. I highly recommend!!!

Great start

Can’t wait for more episodes. Nicky always drops 💎💎💎

Next Level Stuff

I’ve watched the Facebook and Instagram lives. It has helped me develop and implement strategies to improve how I relate to others, understanding how others operate, and learn the different context style of people.

Knowledge, Entertaining, Information

Nicky and Moose provide a bucket load of knowledge and information to help listeners understand and grow their brand and businesses. The examples and breakdowns are always fluid and provide the pop of entertainment to keep listeners engaged. I guarantee you will come away with at least one or more nugget or 💎each time you tune in! Keep it up! 💯

The GOAT’s

Love these 2!!! They drop so many gems and truly inspire me to do better. They’re advice is always on point!! Thank you for that!!! I’ll see y’all at the top! 🤙🏽🙏🏽 loviiiiin this podcast 🔥 🔥 #textgang

With love from Dallas

Thank you for all the valuable information that you provide on IG! Now the podcast?!? Congrats Yall! So excited to continued to learn from y’all. -Gabi

Value Stackers

So much value from the Moose and Nicky show! A lot of insight on human behavior and the awareness it brings to your surroundings. You guys are amazing!!