March 14, 2023

Episode 128 - AI Can Transforms Any Business - Your Guide to What's Next

In this episode of Nicky and Moose, they discuss how to successfully integrate the use Ai within your business & brand. 


What You Will Learn


  • Facebook’s new features.
  • Competitor for Twitter 
  • How To Apply Ai To Yiur Businness. 
  • What To Look For When Hiring For Your Business. 



What’s Poppin! - New Facebook Features


Nicky brings light to the new 90 second vertical reels on Facebook. Memories can convert to reels with syncing videos and pictures to music. Facebook’s share ability has become more simple compared to other platforms, making your brand awareness more visible. 



Moose discusses Twitter’s competitor Blue Sky, which has similar aesthetics an inner face. Blue Sky also has an invite only feature, which was seen with the app ClubHouse. Do you think it’ll have enough traction to overpower Twitter? 


Creator Of The Week


Jessica Rose


Single authentic mother who entertains her followers with comedy. She shares the ups and downs of being of mom while embracing her appearance. 


Instagram - ThisisJessicaRose


TikTok - ThisisJessicaRose


Blueprint For Success - Ai/Chat GPT Discussion


  • How can you implement Chat GPT in your business?
  • Change your mindset towards Ai and seek strategies to make money with it. 
  • Understand the foundation of the service and taking great action. 
  • Don’t rush to be “culturally cool” without understanding how to successfully use Ai. 
  • Don’t feel that you’ll be replaced too soon! 
  • Don’t operate in fear of missing out. 
  • Edit the Ai results received to add a personal element to it. 



This or That - Hiring Friends In Your Business?



Moose - “Friendly in business, friends in business can be difficult.” Having the right perspective sets the tone of the business relationship. 



Nicky - “Hire fire talent & not the loyalty.”


  • Find people who value your business the way you do. 


  • No one is going to work as hard as you on your vision.”


What are your thoughts when it comes to hiring friends in your business?



What Ai Can Help With 


  • Work Meetings 
  • Work structure
  • Content strategy
  • Emails, Sales, follow up calls



Ai Services


  • Copy Ai - Digital Marketing
  • Otter.Ai - Note Taking, Transcribing. 
  • - Creates Landing Pages. 
  • Durable - Creates Landing Pages.






1) How are you integrating the Ai software moving forward?



2) Have you created an interest for your market an audience using Ai?


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