Sept. 6, 2022

Episode 101 - How To Create 100 Podcast Episode Consistently

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In this episode of Nicky & Moose, you’ll discover the thought process and transitional pivots along the journey of consistency to 100 episodes!


What You Will Learn

  • Details of  journey
  • Turning Lessons Into Catapults For Success
  • Managing The Ups & Downs
  • Monetizing Your Platform
  • Producing Content Intentionally 


8:30 - “Have the courage to change. Start something you’re passionate about even when you’re unsure about what it’ll look like.”


26:20 - Discussion of how to monetize  and grow your brand with sponsors or advertising. 


35:48 - Discussion of how to properly plan a podcast. “Creating your own platform has impact.”


48:45 - Q&A with Nicky & Moose. 


1:15:50 - “You will learn more from what you think is a loss than trying to plan out a perfect plan. Take a chance!”



  1. Are you staying consistent in creating and sustaining your brand?


Listener Perks

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