May 16, 2023

Episode 137 - Loyalty Vs Revenue

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In this episode of Nicky and Moose, they discuss how to leverage and set your business up for success. 



What You Will Learn



  • How To Understand & Calculate Value



  • Business Strategy Thoughts 



  • How To Build A Business Portfolio



  • Building Successful Partnerships



  • Providing Businesses New Perspectives




Creator Of The Week


Jabari Johnson - “Make the barrier to entry low.”


Grammy Award Winning Artist shares gems of how to successfully enter the space of hosting live events.





Blueprint For Success - When Or When Not To Leverage. 



  • Work with people that you can trust. Place them in positions where they can succeed. 



  • Have something to bring to the table instead of looking for a handout. 



Work For Hire



  • You can invest, build your likeness, & partner with successful movements. 



  • Team up with people who can put you in rooms to have bigger opportunities down the road. 



  • Approach opportunities with a long term mindset. 




Proof Of Concept



  • Leverage in opportunities that can teach you something. 



  • “Value that’s gained is not always monetary.”



  • Bring forth expertise in an area that’s gathered from experience & overcoming trials. 




Personal Necessities For Business  


  • Having a competitive advantage
  • Upscaling your business
  • Adding new skills
  • Innovation 
  • Working on your craft consistently









1) Is transparency apart of your conversations pertaining to leverage?



2) How are you utilizing present moments to grow in your life?



3) Are you measuring value within yourself and opportunities correctly? 



4) What work have you done that can justify your asking price? Can you articulate your reasoning fluently?






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