April 4, 2023

Episode 131 - How To Grow Your Audience Online Organically

In this episode of Nicky and Moose, they discuss how to organically grow your brand. 


What You Will Learn


  • Meaning Of Meta Blue Checks
  • Logistics Of Steph Curry’s Lifetime Brand Deal
  • How To Grow Team, Leaders & Community. 
  • How To Organically Grow Your Brand. 



What’s Poppin! Meta Verified: Blue Check Verifications. 


Nicky breaks down the differences of Meta (Facebook & Instagram) and Twitter purchase verifications. Some of the benefits include reaching more audiences, establishing a presence on social media, and interacting with other creators with exclusive stickers. Are you going to invest in becoming Meta Verified? 



Moose highlights Steph Curry’s lifetime deal with Under Armour. Resources, distribution & collaboration with with strategic partners makes it easier to focus on the task at hand! A great supportive system simplifies the process for productivity. 



Creator Of The Week


Justin Phillips, co founder of Support Black Colleges, provides e-commerce buyers with resources to successfully start and sustain their business. Whether it’s online or in store, you’ll have access to the same advantages as the biggest companies in your niche. 


Instagram - Justin Phillips




Blueprint For Success - Growing Your Audience 





  • Love the process of what you do! 


  • Look to make an impact amongst your current audience. 


  • “Process starts at zero.” Don’t look for the big numbers right away. Focus on who’s currently present while improving your craft. 




  • Have a relationship and serve the people within your community. 


  • Create an experience people would enjoy. 





  • Don’t compare your journey with others. 


  • Don’t expect everyone to grasp your concepts right away. Remain patient & consistent! 


  • Use social media to build audience before moving to different platforms such as Mighty Networks, Circle SO, or Kajabi. 




This Or That - Different Ways to Develop A Team


  1. Developing Your Current Team. 
  2. Recruiting The Right Talent. 



“Make your company the place that people grow the most.”


  • Building talent from scratch produces a special bond and loyalty. 


  • Hiring the right talent is beneficial for time management & efficiency in task. 


  • Make sure your team is running on one accord with understanding the brands mission. Set the tone early!





  • How do you cater to your current audience?


  • Would you rather develop or hire the right talent? 


  • What relationships and character development systems would you have set for your team?



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