March 28, 2023

Episode 130 - Nipsey Taught Us: 4 Success Secrets in Branding, Teamwork & The Marathon

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In this anniversary episode of Nicky and Moose, they discuss the branding secrets behind Nipsey Hussle’s brand. 



Earn Your Leisure interview with Nipsey.



Marathon Brand 


  • The energy you give your brand sets the tone of how people perceive it. 
  • What problem does your brand solve?
  • What does your brand attract?
  • Naming of your brand mission statement, logo, all need to corporate with each other. 
  • Who’s your target market?
  • Make adjustments along the way when necessary!



Business Of The Marathon Store


  • Aim to have physical location and a digital platform. 
  • A physical location of your brand provides an in-person experience for your customers. 
  • Digital platforms can supplement your hub spot. 
  • “Vision sets the standard early.” Create positive work experiences with positive energy! Be consistent in sustaining the right atmosphere. 



Inspiration Of The Marathon 


  • Think of ideas that can make your brand stand apart from the rest. 
  • Be able to communicate effectively to execute on ideas. 
  • Brand and culture is the foundation of your identity!Generate ideas that are executed consistently. 
  • Be inspired by different brand stories. Apply it to your brand in effective ways. 



Successful Brand Necessities 


  • Visuals
  • Proposals
  • Brand Statement
  • Consistency
  • Identity 





1) Is your brand creating and leaving a legacy behind for others to follow? 


2) Do you embody the brand in its entirety? 


3) How does your audience view your brand?


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