April 11, 2023

Episode 132 - The Roadmap To Balancing Faith, Family, and a $2 Million Business In Your 30s

In this episode of Nicky and Moose, Moose discusses what drives him to be productive & successful in his business & personal life. 



Behind every great brand, there’s someone working hard behind the scenes to make operations successful. 



What You Will Learn


  • Behind the scenes of daily business and personal encounters. 
  • Where his passion for people and business comes from. 
  • Origin of his work ethic and business empathy. 
  • Successful business tips. 



Moose’s Necessities


  • Follow your passion. 
  • Having the right influences around you to drive good actions. 
  • Building discipline. 
  • Having desire for success. 
  • Willingness to succeed. 
  • Consistent efforts. 
  • Utilizing your connections. 
  • Being persistence. 



Foundations That Businesses Need


  • Operating in the values of the company & brand. 
  • Effective marketing. 
  • Products and services. 



Struggling To Make Money?


  • Heal in certain areas of your life. 
  • Sharpen your focus. 
  • Overcome any insecurities you currently have.  



Things To Not Overlook In Business


  1. Don’t become blinded by passion. 
  2. Not being clear on industry specifications. 
  3. Not closing sales without a seamless process. 



Balancing Faith & Entrepreneurship 


  • No business Friday’s! Dedicating that time to connecting with God. 
  • Scheduling business around your faith gives it a higher chance of sustainability. 



Moose’s Three Book Recommendations


  1. Blitzscaling by Reid Hoffman 
  2. Purple Cow by Seth Golden
  3. Start With Why by Simon Senek



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