Feb. 7, 2023

Episode 123 - I Will Pay You To Be Authentically You

In this episode of Nicky And Moose, they discuss how brand and personal success are found in being your authentic self. 


What You Will Learn 


  • How the cost ChatGPT affects future use.  


  • How to adjust business models for success.  


  • Tabitha Brown


  • How to differentiate loyalty and elevation. 




What’s Poppin


Nicky discusses ChatGPT’s decision to putting a price tag on their product. Features of faster processing, usage during peak hours, and priority access to new updates are included in subscription. Is it worth $20 a month to you?



Moose breakdowns the development of ChatGPT’s business model due to early success and how they could possibly leverage tiers. He also discusses Meta losing 13 billion operating dollars in reality labs. Are you willing to go all in on your brand? Stay dedicated to your vision while avoiding distractions!




Creator Of The Week


Ronne Brown has become the first solo female host on EYL podcast. She also dedicates her work to helping women in business, branding and lifestyle! 




Instagram - Ronne Brown




Blueprint For Success - Tabitha Brown’s Success Model. 


Discussion of her humble & obedient beginnings that has brought forth great success. 



  • Continue being obedient in task needed for success. 


  • Are you seeking God an allowing him to direct your path to elevation. 


  • Execute on the ideas you have for your business and brand, despite having little success at the time. 



  • Your videos have impact on whomever come across them. Your body of work will encourage people to stay on your platform once your audience grows. 



  • Don’t lose your identity in collaboration. 



  • What you think of yourself is vital to the success you experience. Be authentically you! 




Instagram: Tabitha Brown

YouTube: Tabitha Brown

TikTok: Tabitha Brown




This Or That - Loyalty vs Elevation


Shaq’s story of being loyal to and elevating his friends at the same time. 


  • Set the blueprint for friends to get on the same success page as you. Failure to do so can set you backwards. 


  • Support your friends and day ones without suffering the success you’re working to accumulate. 


  • Find a crowd you can elevate with if you’re friends aren’t willing to do so. 




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