Feb. 28, 2023

Episode 126 - Stay At Home Dad Turned 7 Figure YouTuber | Glen Henry Story

In this episode of Nicky and Moose, guest Glen Henry discusses his journey of successfully rewriting the narrative of being an effective father. 



Glen Henry’s Success Tips


  • Don’t take things for granted. 
  • Find ways to engage with your audience where they currently are. Spend time throughly researching. 
  • Find an accountability partner.
  • Listen intentionally. 
  • Make the necessary adjustments along the journey. 




16:23 - “Your story has power to give someone freedom they thought they never had. There’s power in transparency!”



20:55 - There’s a process for growth. Remain patient and consistent in all phases of the journey. 



37:40 - “There’s power in connecting with your audience!” Your audience will feel seen and heard when you’re able to relate to them. 



48:20 - Discussion on successfully navigating & leveraging brand deals. 



55:06 - “Enjoy the season when you’re low in numbers”. Remain encouraged and positive in the beginning phase of releasing content. Consistency will be the key ingredient for growth. 



Things To Consider When Starting A Brand


  1. Brand Identity
  2. Brand DNA
  3. Mission Statement
  4. Brand Story
  5. Target Audience 
  6. How To Connect With Them
  7. Why They Follow You
  8. What They Need From You





1) Does your actions match your beliefs and values?


2) Do you have someone that holds you accountable to keep growing?



Book Recommendations 


1) Deep work by Kyle Newport 


2) Building A Story Brand By Donald Miller


3) Ride Of A Lifetime By Bob Iger 





YouTube - Beleaf In Fatherhood 

Instagram - BeleafMel


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Glen HenryProfile Photo

Glen Henry

Chief Executive Officer at Beleaf in Fatherhood

Glen Henry is a father, husband, creative, and CEO. His company, Beleaf in Fatherhood, began as a YouTube channel and has now become a multi-faceted production company. Known as Beleaf to his music fans, Glen also has over 50K listeners on Spotify, and all the music for BIF's productions are made in house. He has appeared in the DADs film directed by Bryce Dallas Howard, as well as on shows such as Steve Harvey and Oprah. In 2020, Glen became an ambassador for voting, joining Michelle Obama in the live segment of When We All Vote. His mission is to guide men into fatherhood, and to nurture other creatives through inspiration.